Unity Developer & Gamification Enthusiast

Mateusz Woźniak

My name is Mateusz Woźniak. I am creative Unity and AR developer with 3 years (2 as a hobby, 1 professionally) of experience in development and design of: mobile games, AR applications and .NET Web Applications I'm a fan of introducing gamification so the seemingly boring things could be fun.



My name is Mateusz and I am Unity Developer. I live in small city near Poznań - Mosina. I have started learning OOP with both Unity3D and .NET Web Applications. However, I found creating games and 3D/AR applications much more interesting so I decided to focus more on the game engine which has became extremely popular last years. I think firstly the posibility to create my own games has dragged me into it, and then all AR/VR/Holo things appeared and I dragged into it even more. The values I try to follow when creating any kind of project are as following:

  • helpfulness/usefulness - I really like if my work can make someone's life easier or at least less depressive ;)
  • the final effect - I like when results of my work are "shiny and colorful". Don't like creating something what is not noticable by regular user's eye
  • experience - I need to develop my skills with each project, or at least not to forget them :) so I really appreciate working in newest technologies such as Unity

I prefer the newest technologies because I believe they are the future - they allow us to achieve more with less effort and we don't need to worry about low-level stuff. We can focus more about functionalities, user experience and client expectations.

People I work with

Tomasz Woźniak

Unity Developer

Tomek is very enthusiastic and full of creative ideas Unity Developer. Together we were creating mobile games and AR applications. If he can't do something he will simply spend a couple of nights to solve the problem ;)

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Jan Stark

Graphics designer/Web developer

Janek is 2d/3d graphics designer and Web Developer. His art work made our games possible to be published :)

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Leszek Rynkowski

Senior Software Developer

Leszek in a Senior Software Developer. He is also founder of his company Profesionalis.pl where I had chance to start my adventure with programming